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Thank You for Your Generous Donation to God's Holy Plan or Book Order.

If you have Donated to our African brothers and sisters, please be assured that every penny of your donation will be sent to them. Rukeribuga and I are grateful for your help. Email Rukeribuga

 Please accept our  thanks and gratitude for helping us to complete
will for us.

Without your help, our work for God would be much slower
and harder to accomplish. We have learned how important it is to help
our brothers and sisters on Earth and to support their efforts to do the
will of God everyday. With this donation or order you have given us
encouragement to fight Satan in God’s honor and for His glory, and the
ability to bring God’s plan to people around the world who without your
help, may not be able to know just how loving Our God is and how much
He is doing for us, His children.

God is looking forward to the time when all of us will know Him intimately
and know just how much love He has for us and how much He has
done all these years to protect us.

We are praying for you to be able to fight along side of God against Satan
by not only giving a donation or order to us, but by giving up your
freewill to God and asking God’s will and plan for your life.

We welcome you to God’s army,
please wear your gold cross proudly, and spread the word so that
all God’s children stand with Him in this battle with evil.
God Bless your efforts to do His will.

Rebecah and Richard













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