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Luke 12: 32-34
32 "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.
33 Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves
that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.
34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Rukeriguba Fidele has been called by God to teach the people of Rwanda, in East Africa, about Jesus and the second coming of Christ.
He is from a very poor family and was not even Christian when God called him. He obeyed God immediately, and was baptized Christian
 and began to study the Bible to learn about Jesus. There are days when Rukeribuga and his family don't have food or water. He needs your
help to honor God's will and be able to leave his home to study and preach. (More about Rukeribuga below)

Your Donation Will Make a Difference 

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All you need is an email account, then you can use a Credit or Debit card. Using PayPal is safe and secure and even God's Holy Plan, Inc
is not given any of your personal information, except your name.  Your donation is sent directly to Rukeribuga and his family. 

Please be aware that God's Holy Plan, Inc. is not at this time, a non-for-profit company. Your donations go only to 
Rukeribuga and they are not tax deductable.  We all love those tax deductions, but when our brothers and sisters are 
suffering, no deduction is large enough to replace the riches we get from God, when we give solely out of love.

Your name will be put on our prayer list and Rukeribuga and God's Holy Plan, Inc. will pray for your intentions daily. 
If you have a special prayer request, please email us.  godsholyplan@gmail.com


This is my friend Rukeribuga, whom I met two years ago when he contacted me though my website. I have had the pleasure of staying 
in contact with him almost weekly since we met and have seen the work he has done to help his family and neighbors to survive in a very
 poor village in Kigali, Rwanda. This family has lived through the horror of genocide, the devastation of seeing their house fall down and 
the heartbreak of drought that killed the few crops they used to make money for their survival. They were asked to leave their grandmother's 
small farm when there was no longer food to feed all of them.  Rukeribuga's  family was separated for over a year when they had 
nowhere to go as a family. They are now living in a small house, and will be forced out soon because the landlord is selling the house.

While getting to know Rukeribuga, I found out about his calling from God to spread the word about Jesus to his fellow countrymen. He 
became Christian after this call from God and started to find financial help to go to school to study the Bible, English and Computer so that 
he could spread God's word to all people in his country. He had to move to the city for school and began to contact Christian Churches on 
the internet for help and support. Rukeribuga lived in one room while he went to school, with one bed and one chair,  and during this time 
he took in his mother and cousin who had no other place to live.  

This remarkable young man has tried to contact many people around the world for help for his own family and the families in his area.  
His faith in Jesus and in those who follow Christ, made him believe that his help would come through those who honor The Lord and act 
on their beliefs.  Most people turned him down because he is not an organization and they fear he is not truthful in his request for help, 
even though he invited them to come to Kigali to witness the suffering of many for themselves. But some good souls from England and 
the USA have sent him money to survive, to help his mother who suffers from Malaria and to help his family get food and shelter. This 
help stopped in the fall of 2010, when the minister who organized the help, had financial problems of his own. 

This family has many times gone without food or good water in their struggle to survive. As Rukeribuga asks for help, it is always done 
in the most humble manner and with joy of knowing God will help them. He has given all honor and praise to God for all they have and 
prays for all the people who have helped them. I have not once heard this young man cry of his state in life, because he sees his life 
wrapped in God's love. 

He has my love and respect for all that he does to help those who need someone like him to be their champion. These people have no 
way to pull themselves out of their poverty, but this one man has spent over two years doing all he could to learn to speak English, and 
that to contact many people all over the world for help. He needs more help than he has the ability to ask for. He is limited in the 
time he can be on the internet because the cost is more than he can afford. 

 Read about the economy in Kigali, Rwanda  Articles from Business New, and the United Nations.

During the last 5 to 6 years, I have collected many pictures from websites claiming they are Public Domain or Free for use on personal projects or websites.
 I never thought I would be creating a website and saved the files for personal use. Now I have used many of them on this site, but do not have the artists or 
photographers names to thank for these great images. I do not want to infringe on anyones copyright, so if your image is on this site and you want it removed, 
I will of course do that.  However, I hope you allow the use of these because some of them make a very wonderful impact and mankind needs to see the pictures 
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