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GOD'S HOLY PLAN to Save Earth

"Our plan, begins with love FROM Our Holy Father God,
           and ends with love THROUGH God."

-Jesus Christ

"This book is a life-changing view of God in all three spiritual persons and of our relationship with God while on earth.  God gives us instructions regarding ridding earth of Satan and all invisible evil forces that surround our lives and change our good hearts.  These spiritual beings drive us away from God’s plan for our lives, and have brought our earth into the turmoil we find ourselves in today.  God, through kindness and love, guides us back to His laws as He wants them obeyed, and gives us a prayerful way to become intimately close to Him while still on earth." 


"Think about what would happen, if everyone on earth (6,656,873,091) said unconditional love prayers for the conversion of the fallen Angels, to go back to the love of God."   
                                                                 - Rebecah

             On December 3, 2007, God changed my name to Rebecah. He told me it means:
"Light of God will come"

God told me that day:
"Satan covers earth with darkness, but light of Heaven is coming soon."
                                                                     - Rebecah
            "It's Time To Go"






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